Startek-KD04350 V1

Name: VGA/AV driving board for 4.3 inch LCD module
Model: Startek-KD04350 V1
VGA and AV signal input,
Support 4.3 inch TFT LCD module with 480*272 dots
Remote control option
Cables and keyboard available
Files download
1. LCD name: VGA and AV driving board for 4.3 inch TFT LCD panel
2. Part No.; Startek-KD04350 V1
3. Other model Part No.;
4. Compatible part No.;
5. Signal Type: VGA and AV input
6. Power supply: 12V AC
7. Keyboard and cables available
8. Overall size:90.6*53.4*10mm
9. Built-in backlight driving circuit.
10. Remote control available
11. Driver:MST703
12. Interface type: VGA,CVBS,AV
13 Interface connector: cables
14. Built-in testing program
15. plug and play with the PC
16. Operating temperature range: -10----60℃ degrees
17. Storage Temperature range: -20----70℃ degrees