Name: KD035FM-14 3.5 inch,480*800,HX8369A-00/01,8bit/9bit/16bit/18bit /MCU/RGB interface, TFT LCD module
Driver: HX8369A-00/01 (COG)
Resolution:480*800 pixels,3.5 inch landscape
8/9/16/18bit MCU/RGB interface
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Detailed descriptions:
1.LCD name: 3.5 inch,480*800,8bit/9bit/16bit/18bit /MCU/RGB interface, TFT LCD module
2. Part No.:KD035FM-14
3. Other model Part No.
4. Compatible part No.
5. Display type TFT,ALL
6. Display mode:transmissive
7. Resolution(pixels): 480*800 dots
8. Overall size:51.06*86.85*2.0mm
11. Driver; HX8369A-00/01 (COG)
12. interface type: 8bit/9bit/16bit/18bit/24bit parallel MCU interface.
16/18/24bit RGB interface
13. interface connector; Connection type
14. Backlight; 6LEDS in serialo/1 lines in parallel
15. Viewing direction: All
16. Operating temperature range: -20----70°C degrees
17. Storage Temperature range: -30----80°C degrees
Pic 1:thephoto of the front of the working lcd
Pic 2.the photo of the back of the lcd module
Pic 3.the photo of the front of the non-working lcd module